Training Not Matching Your Goals?

So over the past year at the I watched this young lady do cardio every single day. Her workout was like this. She would do about twenty minutes on the stair climber.


Then she would move over to the elliptical for another 20 plus minutes.


As I would be finishing up my workout and headed out the door, she would be on the stationary bike.  She was a small thinly built woman but I often wonder what was her fitness goal.

And you are right that it really isn’t any of my business what  she is doing or why but for the 10 or 15 of us that were at the gym at 4:30 in the morning, you start to notice everyone work.

My work schedule changed over a year ago which I couldn’t continue get to the gym in the early morning hours anymore and had to switch to the afternoon rush with the rest of the world. But every now then, I run into some of the early morning gym goers.

And a few days go I ran into the same young lady that that use to do “just” cardio everyday. So she came over and gave me hard time with a snarly comment of “Haven’t seen you around lately, where have you been?”

I explained that I switched my schedule around and couldn’t come in the morning anymore. But I realized she doesn’t look like the thin small frame woman that was simply doing cardio. I complimented her with a “Looks, like you are still I here training everyday.”

She explained that she switched her training up a lot and started lifting weights along with eating more calories and reduced the amount of cardio she was doing. She commented that her training didn’t fit her goals which is why I’m writing this post.

And I wondered how many people meal and workout plan doesn’t really fit their goals. I mean you have a marathon runner that wants to look like a sprinter or basketball player that wants to look like a bodybuilder.



If this is the case, you might want to think twice about how you are training. Just because you are hitting the gym each and every day doesn’t really mean you are working to reach your personal goal. Take the time to make sure your workout will put that much closer to your goal. 

Stay On The Grind…


Weight Loss / Fitness / Spousal Support

So I figured I would dive right into this topic of being on this journey of weight loss & being a more fit person. After speaking with lots of people and reading different blogs & posts online, I kept coming across this same conversation.

“My spouse don’t support my weight loss goals.”

“I try eating healthy but my husband keeps bringing junk food in the house“My wife says she supports me but will never work out with whether it be at the gym or at home.”

“My husband started out working out with me but after he lost like 20lbs in two weeks, he’s not into it anymore & said I’m not working hard enough.”

“My wife said that she’s supports me but it was simply that; she just said it.”

I figured I would stop there because this could go on and on like the Energizer Bunny. Let’s be honest, you could remove the topic of health & wellness and replace it pretty much anything else and it would fit the cause. My spouse doesn’t support….(My Job, My Family, My Friends, My Dog, My Cat, My Religion & etc…).

Maybe we are to hard on our spouses when it comes to getting their “support”. Maybe because over the years you have started & stop so many of these “I’m gonna get in shape” routines that what your spouse is really saying is “Here we go again”. They tell their co-workers that “I”ll be eating rabbit food for the next couple of weeks, my husband running 5K in a few weeks. Once the 5K is over, he’ll be back to his old routines.

Ok ok ok, you are absolutely right, I don’t know your spouse & maybe they really don’t care and has verbalized that to you on more than one occasion. Maybe this isn’t even about healthy eating habits or having a work out partner. Maybe, there is just a real lack of communication in the household. And if it is, you have a much larger issue than trying to prep Paleo meals or making your own protein bars. And that’s a completely different blog you should be reading…

Over the years, I have had all kind of crazy ideas and things I’ve tried. I have tried everything from Multi-Level Marketing (Lots of companies) to selling sunglasses at the local flea market. I went from learning about flipping houses in real estate to renting kids bounce houses out on the weekends.

I knew well in advance that before I approach my wife about asking her to support me on anything that I had to simply prove it to myself first and foremost. For me, I didn’t need anyone else’s support. I had to go all in by my lonesome and prove to me. This had nothing to do with my spouse, my kids, my job or anything else. It was making a decision for myself and following through with it.

I already knew my wife would be thinking, “Here we go again” So you got a Total Gym that never really get used, we have the Beachbody P90, Jillian Michaels, Body by Jake, and every other workout video. We have the Ab Roller in the back of the closet somewhere. Instead of asking for her “support” again, I just started.

Christmas night 2013, I made a Decision to myself to start grinding each and every day hence the website name “On The Grind”. I had my reason Why, I set a realistic Goal, I found a Fitness Plan that fit the results I wanted to get. I found a simple Meal Plan that I could implement and not interrupt my family’s weekly meals. Last but not least I Tracked my progress each and every week.

I knew well before hand that this would need to be a complete lifestyle overhaul and not just another Spring weight loss fad. And after a few months of getting up at 3:45 in the morning to go to the gym along restraining from eating certain foods my wife realize that I was pretty serious in what I was trying to reach. Our biggest argument was probably, “Oh, so you are to good to eat my food all of a sudden”. I simply sort of just laughed that off and kept grinding because she slowly started to realize that I was in it for the long haul.

I don’t know which camp you are parked in right now. My spouse don’t support me. My spouse don’t support my healthy eating habits. My spouse don’t care, My spouse won’t work out with me. You might be in one of these situation right now and yes it is difficult to get through but it’s not the end of the world. You will get through it!

So what, if they don’t want to eat rabbit food right now; so what, if they not into working out or going to the gym; so what, if they are still bringing home jelly-filled donuts, your favorite ice cream and your favorite cookies everyday. So What! It doesn’t matter! Believe me when I tell you that you can do it. Whether they are onboard or not, do it for yourself. Make a decision to change and just roll with the punches.

And maybe just maybe if your spouse see that you are actually in it for the long haul, they just might eventually come around. It may take 90 days, six months, a year or even longer. I honestly believe that if your spouse see you are making a honest lifestyle change, they might just slowly come around. Heck, they married you didn’t they. Furthermore, marriage is not a sprint, it’s a journey.

Whether your spouse is on board with you goals or not, give it some time. Meanwhile, keep grinding. Put one foot in front of the other and keep pressing forward. No one ever said it would be easy because if it was easy then everyone would do it.

If you have dealt with this topic, what are your thoughts? Leave a comment below. Thanks!


Stay On The Grind…