On The Grind “2016”


So I’m torn on how I proceed with my blog, I realize that blogging has been fun over the past year and  very difficult to keep up. 

I realize that most people are tired of being told what workouts they should be doing. You should work chest with triceps, & back with biceps, then throw leg day in their some where else.

This past year I kept hearing “do what you love & help others in achieving there goals”. 

So that’s what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna give the low down dirty on what I’m up too whether it be good, bad,  funny, or just plain boring. 

And since the blog is mine I can write whatever I want to, that’s what make this so much fun. 

So I kept asking myself “Byron, who are you writing to? Who is your audience?”

I heard all the gurus say you have to pick a niche when you are writing a blog. I come to realize that I’m writing to people like me. “Well, who is that? 

Busy Parents: Whether you are changing diapers throughout the night, assistant coach on your daughters soccer team, or convincing your son not to attend out of state state college so you don’t have that “out of state” tuition, you are still a busy parents.

Your’re either working from home or making the daily commute. Your days are scheduled, your weekends are book solid & you don’t know what a vacation is.

You want to figure out how to Lose Weight & Keep It Off: You have tried the yo-yo diets & workouts only to gain it all back plus some. 

You need a little encouragement & motivation: You get burnt out like the rest of us & sometime need a little to light that fire up under you to keep going.

I figure time is going to fly by anyway so I might as well help encourage a few people to get in the best shape of their life.

What I’m gonna do is keep giving practical tips, stories, motivation videos & maybe even a few healthy meals from my on kitchen to keep on track while trying to keep a busy family intact.

So with that said, let’s have a great year. Happy New Year & lets get On The Grind!

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