Fitness Gap

Up early this morning and while flipping through channels, I see all of the health and fitness infomercials getting ready to make a strong surge to purchase their program at. HIIT Pro, Body Beast, Insanity, and that longest running one “Total Gym” (Chuck Norris really has aged)


I realized that there is a really big gap in the fitness industry. Can the person that needs to lose 75, 80, or 100+ pounds really relate to the  21 Day Fix or Six Pack Abs mantra? I get that you may have to do a few cycles of the program but that message isn’t relayed to well when the before picture is someone who lost a whole 20lbs. (Ooh wee! You lost a whole 5lbs & now you can get stage at your 1st physique modeling show. I’m so grateful for you….Not)

There are a lot people that are a very long way from seeing any sort of a six pack ab or even a two pack abs (If that’s your goal). They would just like to lose enough weight just so that look at themselves in mirror for a split second when they are drying off after getting out of the shower without having to feel bad about themselves.

When I started my journey down the path of eating healthier & being more physically fit, I couldn’t relate to 90% the programs out there of the people out there because I knew my journey was going to take much longer than a 6 Weeks Shortcut or a 30 Day Shred.

I couldn’t find anyone that was 6’2″ 314lbs with a 44″ waist that lost the weight & now looked like healthy shredded down individual after doing one of these programs. I just wanted know that their was someone out there that had some sort of success with some sort of a program. And I would have paid anything for that bit of information.

I would see the little skinny-bone-jones trainers at gym that are fresh out of college reciting & explaining to their clients on how to lose weight. I would think to myself that this trainer doesn’t really have a true mental understanding of how hard it is for that person to have lose that much weight. I’m talking about people whom have tried for 10, 15, & 20 plus years to gain control of their weight.

 By simply doing the workouts & reducing your sugar intake is may not be enough. Your mindset, motivation, food personality, & everything else plays a part in your transformation to a better.

My point is this, please realize that everyone’s journey is different and if you have a significant amount of weight to lose, don’t get discouraged because it didn’t all of a suddenly fall off in the 6 weeks or the 12 week program that you purchased. Don’t be mad because you don’t look like the person on the before/after picture that you see on tv.

I’m sure that most of programs will work if you stick to it and follow the nutrition plan associated with it. It may take you a long hardcore 6-8 months, a year, or even longer before you reach you true goal. What may have worked for others, may not be exactly what will work for you. Take it day by day & week by week. And before you know it, you will have reached your goal.

Stay On The Grind…

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