Overcoming Food Addiction

In the last post, I mentioned we discussed this term of “food addiction”. Addiction of any kind is very serious business and can have the same ramifications as drug addictions. Food addiction

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can lead to type 2 diabetes,  obesity, heart disease, and even depression.

This term “law of addiction” is defined as “Administration of a drug to an addict will cause reestablishment of chemical dependence upon the addictive substance.”

A person that  use to smoke cigarettes can have that one puff of a cigarette and become addicted again. An alcoholic can have a sip of wine and they could relapse. There is really know way around it.

I’m a believer that food addiction has the exact same effects. One bite of cheesecake, one sip of Pepsi, or one slice of pizza and back to it all over again. You go 30 days, six months, or even a year or two and in an instance you are back dealing with the same issue again.


I realize we all must eat something. No one said we have to eat all of this refined sugar, wheat flour, and/or any of the contemporary junk food. With this said, there is also the susceptibility scale to these types of food on how they affect each person differently. One person could care less about drinking a Coke or Mountain Dew but they may have a hard time giving up their Rocky Road ice cream.

Truth be told, the only way to get rid of these food addictions is not eating them in moderation but complete abstinence. Again, I’m referring to “food addicts” that are very high on the susceptibility scale that simply have to have what they are craving no matter what. Not the person who can do everything in moderation….

Abstinence is simple solution but isn’t easy. So, how do you go down the road of abstaining from a certain food(s)?

A. 1st step, simply make a honest decision with yourself that in order for you to get rid of this food addiction

B. List all of the foods you have cravings for that you tend to binge on. (Hot wings, soda, pizza, donuts, & etc…)

C. List all the healthy foods that you actually like eating and prepare them in advance.

D. Set a date some time in the near future (Maybe one week or two weeks) in which you will stay away from these addictive foods. You need an accountability partner, someone who will check in with you regularly on your progress. This isn’t a family member, friend, or someone in your inner circle but someone who is gonna tell you like it is. This person needs to be brutally honest because this food addiction is to help you.

Realize, this isn’t a diet but you making a decision to solve your food cravings for life. If you want to incorporate an actual weight loss regiment, I would do so 3-6 months after you have the cravings under control and are not having multiple relapses.

If you end up relapsing and losing control over your cravings again, you are not alone. Relapses are the rule when it comes to addiction not the exception. Many people have had several failed attempts before they manage to succeed in the long run. If you find yourself not able to progress on your own, you may want to seek professional help in your area.

Food addiction is a problem that will rarely be solved all by itself. Unless you deal with it right up front, you will experience the roller coaster ride of ups and downs you will never get it under control. Regardless of the path you take to overcome food addiction, just do something and take back your life.

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