Stay On The Grind (4th of July)


Get It In Early

Most of us will have this holiday off so even if you normally get your workout in the afternoon this would be a great day to switch it up. Get an early morning run, do some circuit training at your local park, or use that treadmill in your garage that’s covered with junk the past couple of months.

Stay Hydrated, Drink Plenty Water

Bring your own water bottle & stay hydrated. There is gonna be all sorts of sugary drinks around from sodas to margaritas. But if you must partake, drinking your calories could put you way over the edge. Keep it to a minimum!

Eat The Green Stuff First

Dive into the large salad bowl that no one else seems to care two pennies about & enjoy. And if the salad dressing is loaded with calories, keep it light, you don’t want to ruin that morning workout.


Go In Heavy On The Protein

That’s right, it’s time for you taste test all the so-called pitmaster’s skills. And let them know you don’t need no stinking bun, you want meat. You might want to keep the barbecue sauce to a minimum but let the person watching the grill that they did an exquisite job so when the bacon wrapped sliders comes off the grill, the pitmaster will set aside a piece just for you.

Skip The Chips

Even though the kids will be eating every brand of chip on the table, stay away. From Lays to your specialty brand bean chip from Whole Foods, it’s just not worth it. Keep Away!

Desserts Are Tricky

This is where things might get difficult. From every cream cheese, buttery, sugary looking item, pick the one that will do the less damage. Instead of a handful of those soft buttery chocolate chip cookies, take one and go play frisbee with kids. 

Have Fun

All in all, it’s the 4th, have plenty of fun. Throw water balloons with kids, joined a pick up basketball game with the teens, or run a three legged race with good Ol’ Uncle Joe. And watch some fireworks. Just make sure you have a wonderful 4th Of July.